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Monday, December 9, 2019

15 most popular tips and tricks on tweeter trands and tweeter business profile

15 most popular  tips and tricks on tweeter trands
15 most popular  tips and tricks on tweeter trands

15 most popular  tips and tricks on teeter trands and tweeter business profile.  The microblogging network founded in 2006, already has more than 300 million users worldwide. Due to its characteristics, it is an ideal place to keep you informed 24 hours and get the latest news on an infinite number of areas. However, even today there are many people who do not know how to use Twitter and why they should create an account there to promote their content. I'm going to talk about that in this post!

Then I will share with you  so you can get the most out of this fun Social Network.  15 most popular  tips and tricks on teeter So, I will show you how you can use Twitter to spread your proposals. Let's get started!

1-Write the perfect “BIO”

To know who is who on Twitter, there are the "BIOS". The name comes from the English "Biography" and is a space of 160 characters intended to introduce yourself (personal account) or your brand (business account). Since it is the first thing that users consult to decide if they will follow you or not, it is important that your BIO be informative and convincing at the same time. That is, your single reading should be enough to convince your audience to follow you.

Now, surely you are wondering: how to write the perfect BIO? Although there are no formulas, I advise you to include the following 4 elements in your Twitter biography:

  • A description of your professional activity.
  • An achievement related to your work.

  • Your favorite hobby or leisure activity.
  • A link to your website or other personal account.

2- Learn to use the Hashtags

On Twitter, hashtags allow you to find the topics or conversations people are talking about. To use them, you must put the numeral or pad symbol (#) before specific terms, so that they become labels. That way, you can index your tweets within the framework of various topics or topics. For example, if you want users to find your tweet related to marketing, you can include the hashtag: #Marketing in your post.

Using hashtags on Twitter is very important, because, in the words of the site, they allow you to “Join the conversation”. So if you want to interact with your audience and that people can find your publications related to topics, use them!

3- Take advantage of Twitter lists

As you use your Twitter account, it is normal to start following more and more people. As a consequence of this, after weeks or months it can become somewhat chaotic to remember exactly who you are following. To solve this situation there are Twitter lists. It's about the possibility of loving listings or categories to sort your contacts by groups, so you can send them specific tweets and manage them better. Below you can see a mini-tutorial on how to create lists on Twitter.

4-  Use the mentions to recognize and quote other users

One of the ways to connect with other users on Twitter is to use the mentions. For this, it is enough to put the arroba symbol (@) before the name of a particular user while writing your tweet. For example, you can quote people related to your post, to make sure they see it. Using the mentions is favorable not only because it serves to socialize, but also attracts more looks to your tweets.

5- Use arrobas and points ( 15 most popular  tips and tricks on tweeter trands )

Many people are unaware of this fact: in addition to making mentions, arrobas have another additional function on Twitter, related to their position in the tweet. Indeed: if a tweet begins with an arroba (mention), it will be seen exclusively by the person who has written it, by the aforementioned recipient and by the contacts of both. That is, the tweet will not be completely public. On the other hand, if you place a grammar point at the beginning of a tweet, even if it is followed by a mention, that tweet will be seen by any user of the Social Network (that is, it will be completely public).

6- Check the main trends

In case you did not know, Twitter gives you the possibility to consult which are the ten main topics (Trending Topics) that are being talked about in a particular location, or even globally. To see what the trends are in a specific city, you have to go to the “Trends” box, available on the left of the page, and click on “Change”. Then, select or enter the location on which you want to get the trends. That's it!

7- Use the “Set Tweet” option

Twitter gives you the possibility of setting a tweet at the beginning of your profile, so that it is the first thing that users who enter it see. Thus, you can post a video or a publication that is representative of your account, so that it works as a presentation of yourself or your brand. Also, if you set a tweet with a GIF, that image will remain in perpetual motion (try it and then tell me!).

8- Know the timing to tweet

You should know: it's okay to post the same thing several times on Twitter! In fact, because most users of this Social Network connect from their phones, Twitter "works at all times." Consequently, if you want to send a message to your audience, it is recommended that you repeat it several times a day. To guide you as to how often you should post on Twitter, you can use the table of re-publications available below.

9- Tweet program to always be present

Since it is not humanly possible (or desirable) to be connected all day to comply with the previous table, I recommend that you choose to schedule tweets, so that they are published at the time you set. To carry out this task fluently you can use Postcron for Chrome, the extension that allows you to schedule tweets without abandoning your navigation.

10- Use the right images

If you want your profile to look attractive and professional, it is essential that you use the image sizes for Twitter recommended by the site. This will prevent your photographs from looking stretched or being cut in half. If you need photos for your tweets, click on the following link to find free and legal images for your publications.

11- Implement the Twitter Cards

If you need to increase web traffic to your site, or if you would like more users to click on the links you share in your tweets, I recommend using Twitter Cards. These tools allow you to automatically include a title, a description and an image or a video every time you publish a link from your site or blog. That way, your tweets become much more visually appealing. The image below illustrates this point.

12- Analyze your statistics

To have more followers on Twitter, sharing relevant content for your audience is as important as checking your statistics. In fact, they are the guide from which you can find out what your most successful tweets have been and at what times more interactions have been registered in your account. To access these metrics you have two options. One of them is to consult Twitter Analytics. The other possibility is to click on the statistics icon available in each tweet.

13- Interact through Favorites and Retuits

A good way to stay in touch with your Twitter community and show appreciation to your followers is to value their content. For this purpose you can mark tweets with the Favorites star, which works in the manner of a Like (in addition, each Favorite that you mark is added to your Favorites list). You can also retweet posts that you find interesting or fun, so that your followers can appreciate them too.';

14- Optimize your tweets to get more clicks

In case you did not know, in each tweet there is a multiplicity of elements that a user can click on. For this reason, if you need to promote a particular link, I advise you to keep this information in mind. Thus, to focus attention on your link, it is best to eliminate the presence of distracting elements, such as hashtags and mentions, to reduce "competition" with the link you want to promote.

In the example below, the "true" link to the proposed article is surrounded by clickable elements that decrease the chances of users clicking on it. Therefore, it is important that you keep your tweets as "clean" as possible so that the audience can see your link clearly.

15- Be grateful and answer mentions

Finally, I advise you to be grateful to your Twitter community. This allows you to strengthen the loyalty of your followers and favors that people recommend you among their contacts, for example through #FF (Hashtag for Follow Friday, a way to recommend Twitter accounts). Thus, the most advisable thing is that you answer every mention and direct messages that you receive whenever possible.

Following these 15 tips on how to use Twitter you will be able to maintain a dynamic account and you will enjoy a permanent increase in your number of followers. Then you tell us!

Did you like this blog post? Would you add any other tip to the list? Please share this article with your contacts and don't forget to leave us your comments. Until next time!

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