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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

5 new ways to earn money online | best way to make money

5 new ways to earn money online | best way to make money 

In my experience as someone who works online I can reach certain conclusions regarding this new and competitive world of the network in which we currently live and even invest many hours a day to earn extra money or live in this new way of subsisting economically , for this reason I present the 5 best ways to earn money by Internet 2020.

5 new ways to earn money online

The one who was born for this is not the one who is famous in social networks or you have millions of followed or seen on YouTube, but the one who takes advantage of those resources to generate money and thus be able to live doing what he likes to do, like all work The beginning will be difficult and the frequency of the brooms of all the wide range of options that adapt, be consistent and invest to move quickly.

Currently with the advent of the Internet, cell phones and the whole boom of technology appeared new ways to make a living such as being youtuber, monetize your web pages, and sell your products online, but there are other ways much more interesting and even easy to win money that I will show you below:

With PTCs: This should undoubtedly be the easiest way but also somewhat risky since there are many scams in this type of work, so he advised that they inform themselves well before registering anywhere. The way to win on this type of pages is to see paid advertising for a small period of time in addition to having a timer that will allow you to not cheat as well as scripts that will control you so that you can only see one ad at a time and obviously you are watching. The price per ad should not exceed 0.03 cents of the dollar or euro and the minimum to withdraw can be from 2 to 5 dollars.
The faucets: Called in Spanish «Grifos» are websites that pay you in some type of cryptocurrency simply for doing some tasks such as solving a hood and pressing a button to see an ad to get a small portion of the crypts they work with each certain time (the time to repeat this process can vary from 5 to 60 minutes), they usually work with Bitcoins, Eethereum, Dogecoin and Ripple.
Doing Cryptocurrency Trading: This option is the most popular at the moment, it consists of buying some cryptocurrency of a certain price and then selling it when it rises in price, being volatile they can rise or fall in price quickly so it is advisable to buy them when they arrive at their lowest price and sell them when they reach their maximum value, remember that for this type of work you will have to use a purse that supports this type of currency such as Coinbase, payeer, among others.

Investment in pages Revshares, benders or Hyips: This option is probably one of the most risky since these sites do not usually last long except for some that have been years like Diversityfunclub, however there are people who manage to get good profits while they last because they last Before investing, they carefully investigate and analyze the page, as well as the team behind it. Normally the minimum investment in these platforms is between 5 and 10 dollars and the return of money is an estimated time of 1-3 months.

Work as a Freelancer: this method is one of the most popular, but at the same time the most competitive that currently exist on the web, for jobs of this type, you have to register on platforms such as freelancer and publish your skills as an editor, designer graphic or programmer and go offering your services to contractors while competing with others who do the same. As you can see it is somewhat complicated at first but if you manage to get hired in just one job and the rest will be easy enough.

It should be clarified that I removed an option that I had in mind that it was cryptocurrency mining, but since I have stopped being so profitable since the end of 2018 I did not put it, although if you can get some money but the big falls that had the Most altcoins do not make it so attractive to generate rewards despite the fact that in June they managed to recover only bitcoin managed to exceed 50% of its historical maximum the rest did not even reach 30%.

Obviously there are other options apart from the 5 best ways to earn money by Internet 2020 but that will depend on you to investigate and investigate more about this interesting topic and thus put it into practice, from my point of view I recommend one of those four options that I mentioned above mainly the number 3 since right now it is time to buy some currency and wait 2 or 3 weeks to see the juicy profits that leave this type of work.

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