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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Most use full pinterest Marketing tips to increase your engagement on Pinterest

Most use full pinterest  Marketing tips to increase your engagement on Pinterest

Many people have the misunderstanding that Pinterest is this happy ‘soft’ social networking site for moms and wives, where everything is always perfect and great.

Whatever we call it, Pinterest is actually much easier to master than the world's Facebooks and Instagrams. At least compared to these giants, Pinterest has almost an unrestricted organic reach, with an easy learning curve, thanks to the fact that major updates are minor.

How to use Pinterest on your WordPress Blog

As for referral traffic, Pinterest can be your best source of “social media. This simple fact alone makes it worth considering integrating Pinterest marketing into your WordPress blog.

It is important to note that Pinterest differs from other social media accounts in terms of how the content is displayed. "Pins", or the name for individual Pinterest publications, can be seen:

In the opening news, usually ordered based on what is most relevant to you, at the user level
When using a search to find Pins related to certain keywords
When searching in categories such as: Food & Drink, Animals, or Home Decor

9 Most use full pinterest  Marketing tips

In their profile, under their own thematic boards ("Boards" are a collection of related Pins)

This multifaceted approach to the organization makes it easier for users to organically find their content when they are interested in what it has to offer. Because of this, focusing on a Pinterest marketing strategy can mean taking people directly to the “buy in your sales funnel” step.

There are many ways to incorporate Pinterest into your WordPress website, and three areas to optimize Pinterest:

Best Practices for Pinterest Images

There are many ways to increase the visibility of your Pinterest images, such as making them visually appealing, using the images of the correct size for the site, and using the correct keywords to enhance your discovery.

Using Images of the Right Size

The images published on the platform are scaled. Specifically, the width of an image is scaled to 236 pixels. When you click to expand an image of a pin, the image will scale to a width of 564 pixels and the height of the image is scaled accordingly.

According to Pinterest, the best aspect radios in the images are between 2: 3 and 1: 3.5 (width to height), with a minimum width of 600 pixels.

Tips for Beautiful Pinterest Images

A few quick Pinterest tips to create striking Pinterest images:

Wear brands with pleasure. Pinterest believes that using brands with good taste contributes to an increase in repins and commitment. Include photos of your product packaging, or a watermark of your brand logo. If you don't have a logo yet, try creating it right now with Logaster.

Use lifestyle images and text covers to catch attention and help pass ideas. List images and infographics are also popular on Pinterest.
Look at the current colors and designs on the board you publish and then alter your Pinterest images to stand out from the cloud.

Use the Right Keywords

Pinterest is one of the biggest search engines on the internet, so treat it as such regarding keyword research (and usage). Although full information on Pinterest SEO is beyond the scope of this article (although let us know if you are interested in a follow-up article on the subject in the comments!), The main thing is the same as SEO for Google.

A few quick Pinterest tips for SEO:

Use your favorite keyword research tool (like Google Keyword Planner or my personal favorite, Ahrefs) and then compare the results with Pinterest Keyword Tool.

How to incorporate Pinterest into your WordPress Blog
Putting your content on Pinterest is only half the battle. The other half? Have other people do it for you.

There are 3 ways in which users get the content for their Pinterest Boards:

Upload content from your computer. You will be responsible for adding a link and descriptions to ensure that it is found by relevant Pinners.

Re-Pin an image that someone had already published before.
Pin buttons, which are found on websites (or in your browser, with an extension installed). By clicking, these Pin buttons automatically generate a preview of the Pins, and ask the user which board they want to save.

You can add the Pin button to your website in two different ways:

As a general button that users can click to mark (pin) their websites on Pinterest

A button that appears on each image of your website when users hover over the image

Social Share plugins often come with configurable Pin for Pinterest buttons that visitors can use to share the content of their website. Some marketing plugins on Pinterest are programmed to mark the main image of a post, while others allow you to establish which specific images you want to mark.

Social Warfare is one of those WordPress plugins that allow you to use social buttons to share and enjoy marketing on Pinterest. In addition to being able to use it to establish a custom Pinterest image and a second option, its pro version also has a unique feature called “Mark (Pin) to an image for browser extensions”. 

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