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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Most useful Android tricks you can try according to Google itself

Most useful Android tricks you can try according to Google itself

More than 80% of the world's smartphones are Android, but do you know all the possibilities that your phone offers you? Google's operating system has evolved a lot since its inception to be a very powerful tool, in addition to having more than one hidden trick. Here we will make a whole collection of all these tricks so you can make the most of your Android device.

Android tricks you can try according to Google itself

Easter egg

All versions of Android have a surprise inside, is the so-called "easter egg" or easter egg. In Lollipop and Marshmallow we have a flappy bird style game, in Nogat you can collect cats and in Oreo you can play with an octopus circling the fishbowl. In Pie, the latest version of Android, we will find a drawing application reminiscent of the mythical Paint and in which you can draw abstract drawings.

sable preinstalled applications

Most del in any of the ways, and they continually bother us with what they want to update. We cannot remove them but we can disable them and eliminate their notifications. They will continue to occupy space in memory but will no longer monopolize resources with each update that you never use in the end.

To disable an application, go to Settings> Applications> All and choose the system application you want to lose sight of. First uncheck the 'Show notifications' option so that you do not notify us about your updates again. Then click on 'Disable' and accept.

If you ever regret it and want to reactivate it, you just have to go back, look for the application in the 'Disabled' section and click on 'Enable', the process is completely reversible.

In Nougat we have 5 very fast accesses but for the rest first notifications appear. For any Android version (prior to Nougat, of course) there is a very simple trick, which most of us do not know, to go directly to Quick 

Access without going through notifications.

The developer options give us an advanced use of the device and gives us the ability to control parts of the system such as the time it takes to launch a new window, activate USB debugging, display touches on the screen and some more interesting options.

Android has a back door through which you will be able to know a lot of interesting information about your terminal such as all the usage statistics by application, battery status (temperature, usage, health, etc.) and more information about connections and the terminal.

From Android Oreo we can create compressed files in ZIP form. It is a very useful function when we want to send several files in an email or to store documents and take up less space. This function can be carried out from the file browser or from the downloads. Also from oreo we can navigate within the .zip files without decompressing them.

To access the Easter egg from our terminal we must go to Settings> About the phone and press several times in a row until a new screen appears with your desktop background and on top of the Android version logo. Press several times on the logo and then a long press until the Easter egg is discovered.

Easter egg in Chrome

Even Chrome has its own Easter egg for the moments when you have no connection, you can kill time without having to sting between meals or smoke a cigarette. When the pixelated dinosaur appears, touch the screen and the obstacle course will begin.

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