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Monday, December 9, 2019

Best LinkedIn profiles page or business profile pages

Best LinkedIn profiles page or business profile pages 

If you already have a company page on LinkedIn or are considering creating one it will be for one of these reasons:

You own your business and want to have more presence, visibility and sales.
You work for a company in its communication department or other position (management, business management) and manage its presence on LinkedIn.

   LinkedIn profiles page or business profile pages

Recently in one of my articles, a reader asked me:

I bought your book “Linkedin: your professional brand” that focuses on the development of the professional profile, but when is it advisable to create a “company profile”? If it is interesting to create it, which one would be more important at the marketing strategy level?

It is the eternal question that many of my subscribers, students and clients ask me. If you follow me on my blog, I have never published anything about company pages on LinkedIn and I think I owe you an explanation.

Here it goes:

The strategies that will differentiate you, will position you in your market and will make you generate more meetings, visits and business, they will not arrive ONLY thanks to your company page on LinkedIn, but to your professional profile on LinkedIn or the use of professional profiles on LinkedIn of your employees

Before your company page work your professional PROFILE and profiles of your employees.

If a company is a multinational, a large or medium-sized company must have a presence on LinkedIn with your corporate page in addition to the professional profiles of its members yes or yes.

What would be the reason for NOT having this place on LinkedIn where to group your employees, share information with your market and communicate certain content of your brand?

Still, not all companies are on LinkedIn with their corporate page.

There are currently 30 million company pages on LinkedIn, of which 197,822 companies with a company page on LinkedIn are Spanish.

Now, if your company is a small or micro company, the creation of a company page is not a priority.

For many years, I got a lot of performance out of my presence on LinkedIn without having created a company page.

Sales and strategies are not made from this corporate page but from the professional profiles of your company's members.

A good company page on LinkedIn needs good professional profiles to support it.

If you already have your professional profile on LinkedIn well managed, you have a work system that makes you achieve the objectives that you have proposed, a company page on LinkedIn will be a good complement to your presence in this social network.


1. Brand image in your professional profile and the profiles of your employees.
Having a company page on LinkedIn will make the logo of your company at the top of your profile and in the part of your experience. In this way, your profile and the profile of your employees may have one more place to communicate your brand, your colors, and the name of your company.

Although your company is one-person (like mine) your image will be more careful with this detail in your profile.

When a person clicks on the company logo or name, LinkedIn will NOT take you to the company page, but to the "experience" section of the visited profile.

This logo will also appear in the Experience section of your profile and the profiles of your employees.

Also, in this place, the YES logo will take your profile visitors to your company page on LinkedIn

Generation of “group membership” in your employees and corporate image of the team.
When you have employees and a company profile on LinkedIn, they are all grouped on the company page.

They have in their profiles the support and support of a company that cares about its image.

Also, when a potential customer visits the company page, you can see how many employees that company has on LinkedIn and who they are.

Not only that, but with how many employees of the company you are already in contact with and who they are.

More than relevant information ... for your visit!

This well managed option is a great advantage, and poorly managed can send a negative and erroneous image of the company.

Great care!

Therefore, if you are going to create a company page, make sure that both your employees and you are going to work it to offer the best possible image.

This is one of the first challenges that companies have today with their pages: the profiles of their employees!

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