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Monday, December 9, 2019

Best tricks to your Facebook profile or Facebook business page

Facebook is one of the most used tools today worldwide.

Recently the company has published its financial results for the last second quarter of 2016 and the data attests to this. The company run by Mark Zuckerberg already has 1.6 billion active users per month and more than 1 billion active users per day.

In Spain, according to the CIS barometer of March 2015, almost half of the Spanish population uses Facebook several times a day, and this figure rises to 91.7% if users entering their account are included at least one once a week In 2018 that trend is still as spectacular.

How many times have you received countless notifications of Facebook games to your computer and your mobile phone even though you really don't want to play them? Today we bring you the solution through a simple tutorial so you can stop receiving invitations from games on Facebook.

most best tricks to your Facebook profile

Once inside Facebook, the first thing to do is go to the Settings by clicking on the arrow that appears in the upper right area of the application. Now access the Locks tab.

Now you have to select Block Applications and enter the name of the Facebook game for which you want to block the invitations.

Changing your profile picture on Facebook for a video is already possible. You can do it from the application for iOS and Android, although not from the web version, much more limited for now. However, from the desktop version you can view these clips in a completely normal way.

To be able to create a much more interactive FB profile you just need to go to your photo, try to change it and select in Record new profile video. Specifically, seven-second videos can be uploaded as a profile picture. The file can be recorded especially for the occasion or be selected from an existing video on the mobile device.

Doing so is very simple, open the Facebook app and go to your profile and click on the photo or video you have in your profile. Choose to record new video or upload video. Tap Next and then choose a frame at the bottom of the screen to become the video thumbnail. Finally select the save option.

If you really want to surprise your friends with your originality,

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