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Saturday, December 14, 2019

The 9 worst cyber security incidents

The 9 worst cyber security incidents 

A few hours after the end of the year, we finished with the 10 worst cybersecurity incidents of 2018. 

The 2018 incident summary confirms the introduction of malware on all types of platforms we have seen in recent years. Cyber   attacks of all kinds against commercial services that cause a huge leak of business and personal data and thus a brutal invasion of user privacy also continue to rise.

 cyber security incidents of ( 2019 )

We leave you with some of these incidents. It is only a selection because the year has given much unfortunately, confirming how much we have left to advance in cybersecurity.

Specter and Meltdown

2018 began with a bombshell that shook the world of computing. An article published in The Register advanced a series of critical vulnerabilities in Intel processors and side-channel attack methods that allowed skipping the ASLR, a protection mechanism included in operating systems based on randomization of RAM memory locations.

Shortly after it became known that Specter and Meltdown affected the same architecture of the processors and also extended in some of its variants to other suppliers such as AMD and ARM. The vulnerabilities affected the security (and performance) of hundreds of millions of electronic devices from various suppliers of chips and operating systems. And not just personal computers. If Meltdown affected only Intel processors, Specter also affects AMD and ARM, so several media extend the problem to smart phones, video game consoles and other devices.

The CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), the center of response to security incidents in information technologies and absolute reference in cybersecurity, confirmed the critical situation and issued statements that set off alarms across the planet: “Due to the fact that the vulnerability exists in the CPU architecture instead of the software, the patches cannot fully address it in all cases. To eliminate the vulnerability completely, it will be necessary

Finally it has not been for so much.

Solving this vulnerability via software (at least for Meltdown) would necessarily imply separating user processes from kernel memory and thereby varying processor performance, which in the case of Intel (and also those of other compatible manufacturers) gains performance precisely with a type of privilege lifting techniques that in recent hours has been strongly criticized by the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds.

The news about Specter and Meltdown have accumulated throughout the year as well as its multiple patches on the firmware of processors, operating systems and applications.
The horrible year of Facebook

The first social network by number of users has never stood out in its security and privacy aspects, but this year has meant 'a before and after' as a company and 2018 will close as the year in which the most serious has been known Facebook breaches of its duty to protect user data, privacy and privacy.

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