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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Discover how to make money without cheating: 3 IDEAS that do work

Good, farmers.

I have recently installed this game and I am getting hooked

The thing is that, as I need better quality machinery than we have at the beginning, I have put into practice an idea that I had to get the necessary money.


You may all know it already, or there is another way to earn more money in the game, but it is what has occurred to me and for something that occurs to me once a year (or once every two years) because I have it to tell everyone .. hahaha

Anyway, what I'm going to:

Each hive costs $ 20,000, but also with each hive we are automatically entered $ 8,000 every hour. This means that with a hive we will earn $ 8,000 x 24 hours = $ 192,000 daily

how to make money without cheating

What I don't know is if this happens because I put them near a crop (where I always plant rapeseed) or so put them where you put them.

What do we do if we just started and we don't have much money? Then go to a cashier and apply for the full loan of $ 200,000
With this we could buy 10 hives, but we do not have the total since there are expenses for the use of machinery and other things that I do not remember. Well then we buy 6 ... or 7 ... and wait an hour (if we set the time to x120 this process will be more enjoyable). When that hour has passed and we have received the money from the hives, then we buy more ... so until we have the ones we create enough. It all depends on your "craving" for money

Once we have the necessary ones, we just have to play quietly and buy land and machinery, because we know that every hour we receive a good amount of money.

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