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Saturday, December 14, 2019

3 technologies that can change our lives by ( 2020 ) - Leo Tech Media

3 technologies that can change our lives

3 technologies that can change our lives by ( 2020 ) If we stopped to think about how much our lives have changed in the last 8 years, we would undoubtedly realize how much technological advances influence the habits we acquire and how much the distance between what we were and what increases we are

In order to imagine what our days will be like in a few years, many technology companies make predictions according to what they are doing to research, develop and improve. Here are three technologies that can change our lives in the coming years.

  • The energy produced by our daily activities can be captured

Engineers and scientists from IBM have predicted that by 2017 human sources of energy can already be used. The increase in the world population and the increase in energy needs will make it necessary to use new sources and the soles of our shoes could be one of them.

From small devices with an antenna placed on the soles or on the wheels of bicycles, they estimate that the energy produced when walking, running or cycling can be captured and stored, and then used to charge the cell phone or computer . Similarly, a device can be placed in the pipes to capture the energy produced by the running of the water.

  • The cars will be more sophisticated and ecological

It is expected that by 2020, cars will have the characteristics of a smartphone; such as Wi Fi, voice recognizer, GPS and digital displays, but technologies related to holographic games, communication between cars, intelligent emergency systems and ecological modes are also being developed

Long and boring trips will no longer exist for passengers: GEElab plans to revolutionize the world of car entertainment, with games similar to those of Nintendo Wii, including holograms and motion sensors. On the other hand, MasterImage 3D intends to include 3D glasses and technology in these car games.

There will be no need to shout from one car to another: 

technological advances will provide the possibility of communicating between one vehicle and another, which will allow accidents to be avoided, alternative routes are known and the state of traffic in general.3 technologies that can change our lives

Accidents can be avoided when the driver is unable to do so: Technologies that are being developed by BMW such as the so-called "Emergency Stop Asistant", have the ability to activate a system that will allow the car to be located on a safe road, activate the driving lights emergency and call the emergency number, if you notice that for some reason the driver has lost control of your vehicle.

Cars will have the ability to find economic and ecological routes. They will include an interface that will describe the possible paths to reach a certain destination, highlighting the most economical ones and offer advice on driving following an ecological behavior.

  • Google augmented reality glasses can change the way we interact

Earlier this year, Google announced Project Glass its project to develop augmented reality glasses.These glasses consist of a small screen in front of your eyes, motion sensors, microphone, video camera and a hidden battery in the frame. They will know the user's location thanks to the GPS system, and will include 3G or 4G connections.3 technologies that can change our lives

To understand what a normal day would be like in a user's life, Google made a video in which you can see how it interacts with the small screen thanks to the movement of its eyes and the commands given with its voice.

A few days ago, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google said that it will take about two years to acquire this new technology.

How much will these technological advances affect us? 

What will be the consequences of such a modified world?

 None of this is certain, you just have to wait to know.

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