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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The 10 head of the WhatsApp groups of fathers and mothers

WhatsApp groups of fathers and mothers

The 10 head of the WhatsApp groups of fathers and mother I have 40 years and a daughter of 6. For almost four years, that is, since I started with the children's cycle at school, I have been "suffering" and, at the same time, "enjoying" the WhatsApp groups of parents and Mothers of the different classes throughout the courses. Always in a discreet background. Strictly speaking when the occasion required it.WhatsApp groups of fathers and mothers Observing what the others were saying would not happen if something important happened to me: a school job, an essential event or the birthday of a friend of my daughter, who would never forgive me for not being able to go.

In my scriptwriting profession, one of the tasks that must be performed more carefully when creating a television series is character design. And these groups put it on a tray. With these characters a sit-com could be filmed about the comings and goings of parents whose communication thread is WhatsApp, but who are in real life at the entrance and exit of the school, in the different extracurricular activities and in the numerous birthday celebrations, the authentic slavery of the 21st century because, especially when spring comes, there is no free weekend. In a series like "Whatsapp of parents" could not miss the following characters.

1. He who finds out nothing. ( WhatsApp groups of fathers and mothers )

The teacher (I say teacher because, in my daughter's school, at the ages of my daughter, there has always been a teacher, never teachers) has explained to the children a job to be done in school. Most children have told their parents.

 And, for those who have not heard, the teacher has also put a note on the student's agenda / notifying the mentioned work. Just in case, on many occasions, in addition to all of the above, the teacher has sent an email to the parents explaining the assignment and what is necessary to do it. He has also left enough time. 

Let's put two or three weeks. Well, because the mother or father who never finds out about anything, the day just before the work is delivered, when the parents of the WhatsApp group are commenting on things about it, suddenly, ask: “Is that Do you have to deliver a job? My son hasn't told me anything. 

” And the worst is not that it happened once. He is a repeat offender: he does not know the days that teachers bridge and there is no school for children, even if he has a click of the official school calendar.

2. The one that remains a discreet background. 

There are usually several sleeping members in the group. They are usually parents because yes, in the 21st century, in full feminist revolution, the parents either refuse to be in the group or are hidden. I plead guilty, although not proud. 

Do not speak. Some do not even read it, but others look at the messages prudently and, if they have to say something, they discuss it with their partner so that they do not put it.

3. The seller or second-hand seller. 

Someone who gives him for selling all his clothes or the objects that he does not use in Wallapop and shares the ads in the group of WhatsApp of parents of the school.

With people who don't know or know about just talking on birthdays. Bring to the letter "if you don't use it, upload it." Every time you do something like that one or two group members leave.

4. Those who have time and skill for crafts. 

Those of us who are not skilled, we are postponing that disguise or craft that they have requested in the school for the day of Peace, that of St. Patrick, that of Carnival (it will be for special days!). We know that, as always, at the last moment, we will buy it in Chinese or make a beer.

 Your lack of skill for manual labor embarrasses you. You feel much more frustrated when these perfect mothers have time for everything and some artist hands put in the group the photos of the work done or the costumes designed. And then you think your child is going to be the laughing stock of the whole school.

5. The superheroes of the 21st century,

 with no time for anything. Those women and men with liberal professions who leave, as soon as possible, at 7 p.m. from work and, when they get home, bathe the children, prepare dinner and finally sit on the couch and decide to read the group messages. 

Seeing that "Doña perfecto" or "Don perfecto" sends photos of the perfect works and the perfect costumes, first they put their hands to the head ("I forgot") and then write:   They experience a bit of relief when, in their comment, other mothers and fathers respond in the same situation with a “and me”. They win by a win.

 6. The "lost-duties". 

We do not know if the clueless is the child or the parents, but the fact is that it is always the same person who asks, please, that someone take a picture of the file they have been sent at school because or they have lost them, or they have forgotten them in class or they have broken it. It is true that the reaction is fast and there is always someone applied who sends the image.

7. The heavy ones of the AMPA.

 It is not that AMPA is wrong, it is that there is someone who talks about something about  every day. That if a meeting to decide I do not know what, that if you have to approve the budgets, that if parents are needed for the excursion of this or the activity of Pascual ... Always at school hours, of course. 

That is, when most parents cannot come to help because they are working. Of course, everyone suspects that in AMPA there are trapicheos. That is, the AMPA orders extracurricular activities to friendly companies in exchange for not very legal commissions. But well, this is Spain and, if it happens in the Government, in the Autonomous Communities and in the neighboring communities, why it would not happen in the AMPAS.

8. The divorced enemies.

 They have recently separated and walk through troubled waters. As if to remember the work of the school boy, the costume to be prepared, the dates of the exams or to pay the excursion to the farm-school. And, of course, within the group, in the eyes of everyone, the assets and the sleepers, pullitas are thrown in plan: "I guess it will have been done by X, which was his turn to pick it up today."

9. The one who has an academy and is always commercial. 

Who says academy, says company of children's activities or ball park. The fact is that you are always promoting your business. What if we have English and other language courses for children, robotics, skating, a night at school, summer camps. 

In addition, it does so in a sibylline manner, demonstrating its commercial skills, without realizing that it is nothing more than "spam." He tells you first how his son / daughter has improved with which or such course and, of course, it turns out that it is a workshop that is taught in his academy and, therefore, how you will deny yours to develop in this area. 

More than one itches and pays.   (whats App Wikipedia )

 10. Those who never pay. 

As in any group of friends there is always someone who gets a little more behind the scenes with payments.WhatsApp groups of fathers and mothers  And, for example, when the end of the course is approaching, as now, suddenly, that person emerges that, until now, did not know that there was a common account of the class where the payments of the excursions, of the school material or of some other activity.

 If until June you have not heard about the existence of this account ... what have you been doing the whole course? All free?

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